Utställning | 5 febr - 5 april, 2020 | The Illegal Image, Espen Eichhöfer, Merry Alpern med flera

f³ – freiraum für fotografie, Berlin,

Today, more than ever, taking photos and being photographed are part of our daily life. And yet, those who take pictures of passers-by without asking for permission run the risk of being sued.

f³ – freiraum für fotografie, Berlin,

Foto: Espen Eichhöfer

Photographs taken without the consent of the person portrayed are in conflict between the personal right and that of artistic freedom. Thus, the following questions arise: What is more important, the right to one’s own image or the right to take pictures? Where are the ethical boundaries of photography? Where does artistic freedom end?

With works by: Merry Alpern (USA), Jan-Dirk van der Burg (The Netherlands), Espen Eichhöfer (Germany), William E. Jones (USA), Carola Lampe (Germany), Beat Streuli (Switzerland)

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