Utställning | 13 febr - 10 maj, 2020 | Lydmar Hotel, Stockholm

Håkan Ludwigson

Bilder från boken “Balls and Bulldust” visar boskapsskötare i Northern Territory i Australien.

Håkan Ludwigson

Foto: Håkan Ludwigson

The photographs in “Balls and Bulldust” which document the work of livestock farmers on some of Australia´s largest stations in its Northern Territory can be seen as a testimony of a profession that many of us have only seen on film, but even more as a personal portrait of those men and women who live a life of relentless and tiring manual work. They are simultaneously action photographs and close-up, intimate portraits showing a rare connection between the subject and photographer. The people depicted can easily be lifted out of their specific environment, thereby creating a sense of universality that casts a different, individual nuance to the observer. 

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