Utställning | 28 jan - 25 febr, 2023 | Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm

Ulf Lundin

Fotograf Ulf Lundin är aktuell med en utställningen Best of Sweden på Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm.

Ulf Lundin

Foto: Ulf Lundin "Best of Hawaiihola 26th of June 2020,2023"

”The basic idea of the project is that I go to a place in the morning before dawn and set up a tripod. Then I take a photo every five minutes, all day long, until it gets dark again at night. […] Once I get back to the studio, I put together various parts of the original images to make a new image where it might be night in one corner, early morning in another, and a detail in the middle might be lit up by the bright midday sun.
A whole day compressed into a single image. Every finished image consists of 50–200 fragments of various original photos.”

–Ulf Lundin

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